About us

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Through training to success in business

To succeed in modern competitive environment, any company needs an initiative and competent staff.  Personnel should be motivated for active professional activity, systematic search for innovations and improvement of the quality of work results. When implementing new management standards at the company some of key factors should be taken into account:  staff recruitment and training system, formation and development of motivation of the company’s specialists to responsible and effective activities.

To meet the needs of your company to increase the level of competence of the staff, the formation of company’s specialists of innovative thinking and creative approach, the creation of lifelong learning in your company, we offer you to take advantage of the broad opportunities of the Russian Register Academy.

About us

The Russian Register Academy unites training centers, business entities of professional educational and business activities of various industries and services under the brand of Russian Register.

Trainings in the framework of the Academy provides companies with unique opportunities to obtain the essential  and actual information on:

  • innovative management techniques;
  • new and perspective trends of standards development and experience of their implementation in the company’s management practice;
  • best international practices of management systems implementation.

Main objectives of Academy:

  • Assistance to development of the life-learning system in companies
  • Development of personnel competence
  • Quality assurance of learning services through establishment of common educational area
  • Creation of confidence and increase in satisfaction of clients from the educational services provided under Russian Register brand
  • Increase in loyalty of clients

Coordination Center of Russian Register Academy

Coordination Center of the Academy is aimed on coordination and implementation of operational interaction with customers, development of cooperation with partners. The Coordination Center was established on the basis of the Department of Educational Projects and Programs of the Russian Register.

Coordination Center:

  • Cooperation with the partners and other participants of the Russian Register education system
  • Attracting new partners
  • Information support
  • Organizational and methodical assistance
  • Development of common requirements for educational events, control of their performance
  • Monitoring of trends and educational needs of the companies
  • Promotion of educational products


Activities of the Academy are aimed at developing cooperation and partnership with training centers and other educational organizations to expand the range of education services offered to companies of different industries and services.

Partners of Russian Register Academy licensed to carry out educational activities and had certificates of recognition of their competence by leading International and Russian organizations.

Partner’s cooperation in the framework of the Academy is based on the principles of voluntariness, publicity and transparency.

Russian Register Academy is open for cooperation with experts from Russia and abroad as well as another training organizations

Where can you get training?

  • Russian Register Head Office (St Petersburg)
  • Russian Register suboffices in Russia and abroad
  • Partners of Russian Register Academy

For training in the framework of the Academy is used a specially equipped modern conference rooms and classrooms.

Educational product of Academy

A wide range of education programmes on modern and essential management development trends is presented. Training participants obtain knowledge and skills on the use of innovative business development tools. Great attention is paid to the training of specialists from various industries using “industrial schemes” training.

  • Programs adapted «under requirements of the client»
  • Harmonized international programs

Education programmes of the Academy are approved and monitored by Russian Register and this ensures quality of the offered trainings.

Training format: information seminars/ courses/ trainings/ vebinars/ individual learning.

Types of classes: lectures, practical studies, discussions and business games/ role play are based on the actual practice of companies and aimed at developing practical skills of the participants.

Trainer’s staff

Trainers of Russian Register Academy are highly qualified professionals with many years of practical experience and research activities in various industries and services.

They are:

  • Highly qualified trainers
  • Highly skilled experts, including experts of international level
  • Leading auditors of IRCA, IQNet, ProbitasAuthentication
  • ISO/TC 176 members
  • certified Plexus trainers
  • participate in the development of international standards and their implementation in different companies

Documents issued

  • Advanced Training Certificate
  • Worldwide appreciated Certificate (Russian Register/Academy Certificate, IQNet Academy Certificate, IRCA Certificate, Plexus Certificate etc.)

Upon completion of a programme participants have an opportunity to undergo further certification within Russian Register system of personnel certification.

Benefits from collaboration with Russian Register Academy:

  • Quality assurance of educational services
  • Obtaining relevant and exclusive information on the directions and tendencies of management development and use of innovative instruments of business development
  • Development of life-learning system
  • Availability (wide regional and international network)
  • Innovative training models
  • Wide range of educational programs, including harmonized international programs
  • Obtaining certificates of the international level: Russian Register, IQNet Academy, IPC, IRCA, Plexus etc.
  • Highly qualified trainers, including experts of international level
  • Possibility of training in different languages
  • Economy of financial resources, flexible system of discounts