Environmental management

экологический менеджмент, система экологического менеджмента, задачи экологического менеджмента, принципы экологического менеджмента, система экологического менеджмента iso 14001

In conditions of continuously increasing influence of humanity on environmental condition in many countries pay more and more attention to the issue of life quality improvement. Revealing and preventing of environmental safety hazards connected with nature processes and human domestic activity, forming and implementation worthy standards of life quality – these are chief priorities of environmental safety provision of any country. For provision of such problem solution at a fundamental level of any industrial production shall be laid  down principles of environment oriented business.

Understanding of organizations of their responsibility in issues of environment protection is one of aspects of organizations’ sustainable growth which is necessary condition for successful functioning of different enterprises in long-term perspective.

Implementation of environmental management system on the enterprise allow not only reduce negative influence and assess impact of it’s own production activity on the environment but also develop necessary activities to achieve the balance between business development and environmental protection.

Efficient realization of environmental management principles on the enterprise provides reducing of production wastes volumes, economy on spending through preventing emergency situation and reducing of environmental risks. Beyond that enterprises that have successfully functioning environmental management system it is easier to attract investments for their developments, which, of course, gives additional opportunity for development and increasing of competitiveness on the market.

In terms of Russian Register Academy you can complete the training on different programs in the scope of implementation and development of environmental management systems according to requirements of ISO 14001 (environmental management) standard series.

After finishing the training you will better understand and correctly interpret requirements of international standard ISO 14001:2015(environmental management) in application to your organization and also interrelation of ISO 14001 and legislation applied to environmental management, get acquainted with methods used for environmental aspects and impacts assessment, become familiar with methodology of environmental management system internal audits carrying out based on requirements of ISO 14000 (environmental management) standards series and standard ISO 19011, get skills of it’s efficient application on practice etc.