Energy management

энергетический менеджмент, система энергетического менеджмента, внедрение энергетического менеджмента, стандарт iso 50001

For modern industry enterprises one of most actual targets is increasing of production efficiency connected with cost saving by release of products. One of chief courses of production cost management is reducing of costs on energy resources consumption through implementation of energy management system.

Implementation of energy management system requires implementation of complex changes on all levels of enterprise management beginning from institutional on the level of strategy and management structure and finishing with operational on the level of final worker duties.

Standard ISO 50001 (energy management) specifies requirements to development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of energy management system which allows organization apply system approach for assurance of continual improvement of energy effectiveness that includes energy efficiency, usage and consumption of energy.

ISO 50001 (energy management) can use any organization which wish to reduce irrational loss of energy resources, confirm fulfillment of their energy Policy and demonstrate this to partners and society.

Implementation of energy management systems according to ISO 50001 helps organizations to use more efficiently energy-intensive assets, distribute priorities for implementation of new energy saving technologies, create conditions for energy efficiency improvement in the supply chain, provide goal-oriented improvement of energy effectiveness, reduce costs on energy resources, demonstrate own social responsibility. All said above let us create conditions for organization’s competitiveness improvement and assure stability of it’s business.

In terms of Academy you can complete the training on different schemes in the scope of implementation and development of energy management systems according to requirements of ISO 50000 series standards.

After finishing the training you will better understand requirements of ISO 50000 series standards from the point of implementation, correctly interpret requirements of international standard ISO 50001 in application to own organization, reveal necessary resources for standard implementation, work out energy policy, processes, targets and assessment methods, ISO 50001 (energy management) standard implementation plans for energy management system, integrate energy management system with other management systems, conduct internal audits, benchmarking, assessment and documentation for improvement of energy indicators etc.