Information security

Информационная безопасность

In these days it is impossible to imagine modern business and enterprise management process without support of safe informational technologies which are necessary for successful work of organization. Provision of informational and other objects, which refer to information, security is a vitally important target for any business.

Information security management system standards family help organizations to develop and realize on practice a safe concept of informational assets safety management which include financial data, intellectual property, staff data, as well as other information which clients entrust organization.

Best world practices in the scope of informational security management are described in the international standard for information security management systems ISO 27001 (information security). Main targets of the standard are specification of unified requirements on information security provision of organizations, provision of interaction of management and staff, efficiency improvement of actions on assurance and maintenance of information security.

Chief targets of ISMS implementation in the enterprise is management system creation, which is developed taking into account business-risks for management, monitoring, maintenance and improvement of information assets protection.

ISMS principles application let your company provide confidentiality and entirety of information assets which is an important condition for saving profitableness and competitiveness of organization as well as increasing of trust from the side of investors, clients and suppliers.

By implementation of ISMS it is important to understand that it is optimized in organization cost of security system support, safety hazards and sensibilities for existing business-processes of enterprise will be regularly revealed, sensibilities in information security system will be corrected regularly, will exist a safe protection from raider attacks, and information security system will be integrated in the whole management system.

After completing the training in terms of Russian Register Academy on issues connected with development and implementation of ISMS (information security in your organization you will not only better understand information security issues but also will be able more operative react on company’s information systems functioning conditions changing in case of emergency situations occurrence, find and eliminate weaknesses of information security system of your organization, assure more efficient management of processes, will get skills to apply methods of risk level and real damage from information security incidents reducing.