Training of inspectors on protection from corrosion, fire protection of constructions and materials

Повышение квалификации в области защиты от коррозии, огнезащиты конструкций и материалов

Modern professional work is complicated and has many aspects. For it’s successful fulfillment are necessary deep knowledge of technique and technology, methods and ways of it’s application, good practical skills and competency, experience in application of received knowledge for solution of practical exercises.

According to above said specific particularity of professional training process is not only general applied focus of education process but also realization of training in specially organized as well modeled conditions and/or production conditions.

In terms of Russian Register Academy you can complete training on different programs of qualified specialists training in the scope of corrosion protection and input control of paints and lacquers. In courses of specialized training center “ACI – Training Center of Russian Register” is carried out training of qualified inspectors having understanding of essence of physical and chemical processes of metal corrosion and it’s prevention for fulfillment of clearing and painting works as well as training of specialists working on enterprises of paint and coatings industry and on enterprises applying paints and lacquer materials.

After completing the training of different courses you will have knowledge of corrosion theoretical framework, get acquainted with work quality control methods, will better understand aspects of inspection work, get specialized knowledge on preparation of surface for application of paint and lacquer materials, will be able more specifically define surface defects, get knowledge about paint and lacquer materials, about safety technique by carrying out of laboratory works, get experience on tests of paint and lacquer materials and paint and lacquer coatings etc.