Increasing of enterprises’ production competitiveness and their consistent release to international markets including European Union market are issues which are discussed today quite often.

By planning of release to European markets with the aim of products export enterprises face with necessity of making their products conforming to legal regulations of European Union (EU) which often includes СE-marking of production in accordance with directives and regulations of EU.

CE-marking presents a special sign that put on the product item which confirms that the item conforms EU regulations requirements and completed procedure of conformity assessment. CE-marking is a sign on EU territory which confirms that production conforms to safety for people and environmental standards.

Except directives and regulations requiring CE-marking there are general requirements for product safety, requirements referring to chemical substances (REACH, CLP, RoHS), package, waste management (WEEE, ELV).

To study out order and rules of making products confirming to directives and EU regulations and further get permit to pass to the European market it is necessary to obtain actual and authoritative information about requirements to production and procedures of conformity assessment.

“Russian register” Academy conducts informational and practical seminars aimed on understanding principles of technical regulation of goods on EU territory as well as on receiving of knowledge and skills in respect of making products conforming to EU Directives and Regulations requirements providing CE-marking of products and other obligatory requirements.

Seminar program provides also analysis of different solutions and typical mistakes by preparation of technical documentation (“Manufacturing record”) for production declared for conformity to European quality standards requirements.

P.S.: It is important to note that countries – members of European Economic Zone and many third countries (India, Egypt, UAE, certain countries in Africa) also require presence of CE-marking of production for release to their markets. In this case clear knowledge of requirements is necessary because it can help the enterprise to avoid own causeless time, human and financial resources.