Management general issues

Общие вопросы менеджмента

In fast changing conditions of competitive business-environment the main factor of achievement by organization high economic indicators and positive dynamics of development is correct and professional management of organization. A modern manager shall be not only high qualified specialist-head in it’s scope but also shall be able correctly and fully use potential of available human resources.

Presence of representatives of this heads generation – generation of tutor-managers – will in the nearest future make successfulness and competitiveness of each company.

For development of competitive strategic solutions in conditions of complicated, unstable and continuously changing business-environment it is necessary to develop on the enterprise confidence and efficiency of management system, and working-out of organization’s development strategy shall be based on understanding of market mechanisms, adequate assessment of organization’s position on the market, understanding it’s own competitive advantages.

They can say, that strategy management presents a symbiosis of science, intuition and art of top management to lead organization to strategic goals. This is a high professionalism and creative work of organization’s workers providing connection of organization with external environment, renewal of produced products, realization of current plans and active involvement of all workers in realization of stated targets and search of best ways of it’s achievement.

Beyond that in the last time higher significance in issues of construction of flexible and stable to external environment management systems gets the issue of risk management. Application of risk-based thinking becomes not only obligatory element of quality management systems based on ISO 9001 requirements but also spread practice by organization of general management process. Thanks to risk-based approach it is possible to reduce unintended effects of definite actions and influence of negative factors of internal and external environment as well as develop confidence and efficiency of management system.

Also, in the management system many managers face with issues of motivation, low involvement of personnel, weak corporate culture and many other aspects which solution will allow essentially change the qualitative approach to fulfillment of targets that organization has. In terms of such issues solution an important role play management workshops that allow developing streaks appropriate to the real leader who is able to lead the way and create efficient organizational environment for maximum involvement of personnel in processes of organization.

In terms of Russian Register Academy you can complete the training on different courses that allow improving general management system, of your organization: “Strategy management”, “Risk management”, “Project management” etc. as well as participating in workshops on development of management skills, team building skills, development of personal growth.